Monday, March 31, 2008

Matty's First Professional Hairtcut

On Saturday morning, Matty exclaimed that his hair wasn't cut by a barber. I asked him if he wanted to get it cut, and he said yes. (He's really long overdue. His sideburns hang lower than his ears.) So off we were to a hair cuttery. He did really well, though I had to assist in getting him to stop looking around. The hair cut wasn't bad, but I think Daddy and I do a better job. Seriously, don't you think he looks a-la-Spock with that bangs?

To show off his new do, I snapped a few photos and happen to catch him in a mood, as in the I-want-to-terrorize-my-sisters mood. Can't you see the terror in the girls' faces?

I think Katie has realized that big brother is up to no good, while Jojo enjoys the commotion.

At this point, Matty is starting to get in his sisters' nerves. Katie gets squeezed harder, while Jojo gets pushed off the chair. Matty is having a ball.

Don't you want to know exactly what is going in this boy's big head?

(whatever it was that he's trying to do) Jojo has completely fallen off the chair, and Katie is still trying to get away. Poor girl.

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