Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday, Buddy!

Three years ago today, you made a very loud entrance into the world. You were the most handsome baby we'd ever seen, and it's gotta be said, you were also the biggest. Everyone in the Labor & Delivery floor in the hospital came to see the "big baby".

You were a challenging baby. Mommy had to learn to do everything one-handed because you refused to be put down. You also refused to sleep. It was as if you didn't want to miss any second of anything exciting that may happen.

You continually amazed us as a baby. Every time I thought you may get cranky, you would be in your best behavior, especially in public. You reserved your crankiness in the comfort of our home.

You were always ahead in your motor skills, but it wasn't until 2 1/2 that your verbal skills took off. And oh, how it took off. Everyday, Daddy and I are always amused by the stories you tell.

You are a loving big brother. You welcomed your sisters with open arms. They were YOUR babies. You are a bit rough, and also super protective. But you have to be, with 2 sisters to fend for all your life. I'm sure you and Daddy will have the greatest time scaring suitors away.

Matty, you and I are both strong-willed and so we've butted heads many times, but know that I will always love you. Both Daddy and I are doing our best, but being the first child, we don't always do very well. From day 1, you've always known what you want and don't want and been very vocal about it. And this hasn't changed now that you're getting bigger. You are highly independent. When you were 15 months old, you walked away from me when we were in the park, just to see a man mowing the grounds. You got as far as 30 feet away without even glancing back once. I was worried, but also very proud. I just knew you would grow up to be a very independent, confident, sensitive adult. Daddy and I will do our best to nurture your little soul.

Happy Birthday, Matty.

(Torturing Katie with his big boy hugs)

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