Friday, March 7, 2008

It's Time for Obedience Training

When dogs have behavioral problems, a great answer is to take them for obedience training. Do you think it works with toddlers?

Matty bit two kids in his class today. He told me about it as soon as I walked in when I picked him up. The teacher was quite amused that he was telling on himself. Oh, but I wasn't amused.

According to the teacher, Matty bit someone out of frustration this morning. But since it was out of character for him (everyone at school loves him for being such the model student), she let it go. But not 15 minutes before I picked him up, he apparently bit another kid. He didn't bite hard, thank goodness. Though I am trying to mentally prepare myself to be ambushed in the parking lot by a couple parents.

So I had a calm talk with him all the way home. Then somewhere between the school and our house, I thought there should be a punishment. I told him TV and video games aren't allowed this evening. Then the crying and the hollering and the "I want my Daddy" started.

He is probably too young for the punishment, and the punishment doesn't quite fit the crime (I'm all for natural consequences) but I couldn't think of anything else at the moment. I mean, what's the natural consequence for biting someone? Help me out, in case it happens again. Though I doubt that it would. I'm pretty good at scaring the bajeezuz out of someone.

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