Saturday, March 15, 2008

Birthday Boy

This was taken as soon as we get home from school. He had been waiting to open his gifts since he woke in the morning, but since we knew he would want to take his presents to school, we didn't let him.

He had birthday party in the afternoon. I brought cup cakes that I ordered from WalMart. It was decorated the same as regular cakes, except they are cupcakes. It worked well for school because we didn't have to cut it up. It was a Cars theme cake. I also brought vanilla ice cream and cookies. We all sang to him and he blew out his candles and they all ate quietly! After everything was cleaned up, I put Cars tattoo on everyone. I was worried that only the boys would like it but the girls liked it too. I had party bags for everyone that were there, full of everything Cars of course.

When we got home, he was finally given his gifts. He got everything Cars from his Nana and Papaw and I got him a toy vacuum (this one was overdue since I promised it to him one day when I went to the store by myself, but the store was out of stock!). Daddy got him a military helicopter with a motorcyle (we had to get rid of the guns) and his sisters got him Tonka service vehicles. They were all a hit with him!!

But with me being stressed out trying to get everything for the party at school on time, that when I got there, I forgot to take pictures. Bad mommy!!

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