Tuesday, June 16, 2009

critters aplenty

In May, we took the kids to a kiddie festival where Curious George got his first pet, a goldfish. He was so excited, especially since he has been asking for a pet of his own. So we came home with Punky (I have no how CG came up with this name but it's very fitting since Punky has a black streak on top near his head and looks like a punk). Before we even got home, we had a fish tank kit and some accessories.

Here is Punky now thriving in his ever cloudy water.

Punky has been a part of the family, he even plays with Curious George. But he isn't quite playful on this video though. We figured he was hungry.

Then, Curious George got into frogs. He found one in the backyard and nearly gave me a heart attack when he showed it to me. Thankfully, we've been able to convince the boy to let it go at the end of the day. But then one day, while CG and I were out of town, Daddy found a Grey tree frog. As a surprise for CG, Daddy and Nana bought a tank and a supply of crickets to feed it. Curious George was so excited! He named the tree frog, Cricket. He has found many frogs after Cricket, but we've only kept Cricket so far as the others seem to be very common.

Tonight, while catching fireflies (we've been catching fireflies most nights for a few weeks!) Curious George found a Grey tree frog on his own. Daddy caught the little critter and placed it with Cricket. Now Cricket has a friend, Grasshopper. CG came up with this name, but kept forgetting it. So while in bed, too excited to sleep, Grasshopper's name was changed to Hopper.

Here is Hopper after he was placed with Cricket. Daddy gave him a cricket to eat but he was too afraid. Cricket ate it instead. Cricket hunting for his crickets have been a source of amusement for all of us. (Of course I can say this since they're inside a cage where they can't jump on me!!)

Oh, I almost forgot about the lizzard Daddy caught. Curious George was playing with it while it was in a container and it bit him. I don't think he was too enthused about it after that. Yay for me!

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