Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frogs, frogs, frogs everywhere

You would not believe the self-restraint I am practicing just to take a picture of this ginormous hibby-jibbies, more commonly known as a frog. Being here at the in-laws has been nothing but pure excitement to a 4-year old. He has caught frogs, bugs, and things I do not even want to know about. I am teriffied of these things, but I am trying not to show it (though I know I am failing miserably at it). Thankfully, for my sake and the good of the creatures, we've been able to convince Curious George to let them go before bedtime.

While Curious George and I were at home in VA, Daddy found a special tree frog that has the ability to change color. He and Nana bought a terrarium, and food for it (it eats crickets! So they bought a whole village of crickets to raise and feed to the frogs - which by the way, are small enough to escape the little container/cage they came in so we've been finding them here and there much to my dismay).

And just now while I am busy keeping the kids busy outside while Daddy is having a phone interview, a big frog happen to jump where they were playing. This one left merrily on his way thankfully. The dogs are outside so I convinced (yay me!) Curious George to quietly let it go before the dogs get to it.

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