Monday, June 22, 2009

a major milestone for Curious George

Curious George's current favorite book is his cousin's Lego catalog. He brings it with him everywhere and 'reads' it and plans his future with it. It is falling apart and some pages are no longer attached, so sometimes we all must hunt for the missing pages. He points to the Legos and says he wants this for Christmas, and that for next Christmas and that one for the Christmas after and this one for when Daddy gets a new job. We tell him they are expensive and the mini Legos for about $5 he says he can get because he has money in his money bag (a coin purse I gave him). Some of them are hard to find so when I saw one of the ones he wanted, I bought it for him. He built it himself immediately! He has many other Lego but his has always asked for helped from his Daddy. But this time, he only asked for help a couple of times - once because he couldn't manage to get something attached, and the other because he got ahead of himself and skipped a step while looking at the direction.

This is a 64-piece mini off-roader Lego that could be built into 2 more other things. In fact, he has already broken this one and made something else.

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Kristen said...

oh that is so cute! We used to play with legos all the time when we were little!