Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the pool is now open!

Nana's pool has been open for a couple of weeks and this is the girls' second time. With their swim vest and the ring, they have been quite comfortable floating around by themselves. Though it takes them time to warm up to that point. Before then, they grab onto Daddy or me for their dear lives.

Thing 2 is using the pink floaty and Thing 1 is on the green

After warming up to the pool, Thing 2 is quite comfortable to wander on by herself. She also is comfortable enough to swim to Daddy when she's sick of me.

The girls hitch a ride on the Mommy Tug Boat.

Thing 2 lodges a complaint when Curious George uses her leg as a floating noodle.

Thing 1 is especially clingy in the pool and screams when she is not allowed to grab onto my bathing suit or Daddy shirt. But when she gets comfortable, she is happy to grab some of the floating bugs.

Curious George and Cousin C have fun in the pool. With Curious George's swim vest, he requires very little supervision on the pool.

As is common with Curious George, he attaches himself like a leach to the nearest relative. Although it should be noted that he has equally attached himself to a boy at Nana's church. This boy (about 12 years old) should dare not disappear without letting Curious George know or his inner volcano will erupt without warning.

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