Thursday, October 30, 2008

it's all about redirection

I was upstairs trying to get the girls down for this first nap when I heard footsteps coming up. "Mommy, I fixed the crack on the walls!" the little boy said. Trying not to jump to conclusions, I didn't say anything and just waited for more information.

"Mommy, I fixed the crack!"

"What did you use?" I finally broke down.

"I used tape!"

Oh boy. By this time I'm trying to imagine chipped paint from the wall that sometimes happen when you rip scotch tape off. "I can't see it, M. Can you show me?"

"I'll show you, but don't spank me."

"OK". Me? Spank? Never! Ok, maybe sometimes, but just swat.

"Here! I took it off already."

Phew. I don't see anymore damage than was already on the wall. Rather than stop him from his newly found fascination with scotch tape, I told him it would be more fun to rip up paper and tape the pieces back together.

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