Sunday, October 26, 2008

it's the end of soccer season

Gotta love this personalized trophy!

And the ball spins, a plus for 3 year olds!

This weekend was the last soccer session. Unfortunately, we didn't make it. The little man hardly slept the night before coughing furiously. It would have been alright for him to go, without playing much just to be there, but it rained all morning. From what others told us, the team were out there for 20 minutes before they all ran for cover.

Toward lunch time, the plan was for the team to meet at the local pizzaria to enjoy each other's company and to hand the trophies. So right on the dot, we were there. But all the other soccer families had the same idea and we couldn't get a table. The party I promised the little man was not to be. He was quite disappointed, so I had to improvise. I told him we were a part of the soccer party that was already there. Thankfully they all had the same kind of trophy, so the ruse worked.

I explained that there is no more soccer, so now he said he wants baseball. My explanation of how baseball is for the summer went out the window because he said it's already summer. It was quite warm that day.

Daddy and the girls didn't make it because they were sick too. All three had a fever.

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Dianna said...

Great trophy! Hope all the fevers are gone.