Saturday, November 1, 2008


We did pretty good last night. We definitely made it to more houses than last year, mainly because the boy wanted to go go go! We had to leave our candy out the front door because we were out the whole night. Unfortunately, it didn't look like many kids came by. The wagon came in very handy for the our strawberry fairy and tulip fairy. Daddy and I just carried them to the front doors when Big Brother was ready to ring the bell.

Big Brother was Star Wars all the way. He had a Star Wars gun, which he got tired of holding and gave to his sisters. He also had the light saber with him, which turned out to be pretty useful. It made him very visible in the dark. In between houses, the fairies got busy poking and hitting each other with the light saber and Star Wars gun when Big Brother got tired of holding them.

We were all pooped by the time we came back home. Daddy and I wished we were like the other families who drove between houses. Those are smart parents!

Pre-costume attire. Look at those bellies!
(Thing 1 in white, Thing 2 in pink)

Getting ready to head out!

It took many trips from the porch to the house (jackets? no jackets? flashlight? reflective tape? where are the treat buckets?), but we finally made it out.
They were all pretty tired by the time we got back. The Fairies were sleepy, Big Brother was also sleepy but too excited about the candies.
(Thing 2 in red, Thing 1 in pink)

What are they looking at?

Is it too much for a mom to ask for one shot where they are all looking at the camera?

It's war at this point. The girls were just fascinated by the pretty little candies, but Big Brother seemed to think they were taking his. It didn't matter how many times we explained that they were not going to eat them!


Dawn Johnson said...

They are so cute! It's not often that I "wish for girls" but you just did me in with those cuties.
We have the same wagon and thought it was a life saver as well.

Dianna said...

Happy Halloween!! Looks like everyone had fun :)

Courtney said...

Yeah, but the thing with driving is, you would have to get them in and out of carseats at every stop!

They look so cute! We also love our wagon!!!