Sunday, October 12, 2008

and he scores! Twice!

It was a great day at soccer because Big Bro scored 2 goals (not that we keep score though). Not bad after missing last week's session. He wasn't into the game and took a little coaxing to get him to play, but when I told him I was going to the field with him (I was the only parent on the field!) he agreed to play.

He was awesome. He was able to get the ball out of the crowed (3 on 3 game) and took it to the goal.

One mom in our team approached and asked me, "Wow, he has been practicing!" To which I replied, "um, no not really. He hasn't touched the ball in 2 weeks!"

While taking a break and still on a high, he demanded I take his picture while he makes faces.

On the last game, he was able to get the ball away from everyone else again. But on the way to the goal, another player from the other team was just standing still right on Big Bro's path. Because of this, the other kid was able to steal the ball away from him and was able to get away with it. Big Bro cried like someone had just taken his lollipop. He ran to me and said, "that boy took the ball from me!" So funny.

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Dianna said...

That is great he scored twice!! WOO HOO!! The video was so cute. :)