Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my little mommies

Big Bro loves this stroller and the dolls when I bought them for him to get him used to having 2 little baby sisters. He used to zip through the house and stop suddenly, sending the doll flying forward. It scared me thinking this is what he was going to do with his sisters!

Here are the girls enjoying the doll stroller for the first time. Of course Thing 1 had to put her baby in. She wouldn't let go of it, so Thing 2 didn't even bother fighting for it. She just moved on and used the Wiggles car.

Thing 2 looks on as Thing 1 investigates the doll stroller.

Thing 2 moves on to the Wiggles car and waits until Thing 1 is done.

Then I try to trap them in my arms to take pictures. It used to be so easy!

Thing 2 on the left, Thing 1 on the right.

I was able to hold Thing 2, but Thing 1 was just too into her own picture on the camera!

By the way, these 2 aren't all about fun and games. They are also into terrorizing each other. Yesterday I found a circular red mark on Thing 2's left arm. I had a suspicion on what it could be, but I didn't get a confirmation until today. I saw happen to see Thing 1 about to bite Thing 2's arm. I had to rush over to them to make sure it didn't happen and chastised her. But as soon as I turned my back, she bit Thing 2 anyway!!!! And Thing 1 is still into taking Thing 2's things, whatever it is, even if she has the exact same thing.

Thing 2 does her thing too, but nothing so damaging as the Thing 1's bites.


Dianna said...

That is so cute seeing them with the doll in the stroller. I look at your pictures and I think of all I have to look forward to with the boys :) Not looking forward to biting but I am sure it will happen. lol

Courtney said...

Yup... we have biting sometimes too... and pushing... and hitting. And SOMETIMES... a kiss or a hug. :)

Outnumbered said...

Oh no, hope the biting phase is short! Mine already steal toys & food, push, pull, and yell... so I am sure biting is not far off, ugh!