Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sick Men

The little guy stayed home on Friday because he wasn't quite feeling like himself Thursday night. Yesterday he had a fever on and off and last night he had a high fever. This morning it got even higher, 104.2 F. I was about to nurse the girls when the hubby told me to put the girls down and go with him and the little guy to bathroom to give him a tepid bath. Actually, the hubby wanted to use cold water (to shock the heck out of the fever, I guess), but thankfully he listened to me when I said it must be tepid, NOT cold!

After about 10 minutes in the bath and the little guy shivering, I thought it was enough. We had given him Motrin so it was time to check the temperature again. The thermometer read 102.5. Not bad.

After getting dressed and sitting down on the couch for another 10 minutes, I took the temperature again and it was 103.3. Darn it! I gave him Tylenol and dabbed his body with a wet towel. After another 10 minutes, he had enough and was off to play. Phew.

I took the opportunity to go to the pharmacy and pick up another thermometer (the battery on the one we have is running down) and pick up lunch. When I got home after an hour, the hubby reports that his fever is back again.

The hubby and the little guy are now taking a nap and the girls are also napping. Time for me to rest.

Is it wrong for me to wish that I get sick so that I can just watch over myself and no one else? Nah, chances are I would be sick AND care for everyone at the same time.

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