Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I swear I will look like a granny in a years time.

I was talking to the husband (while driving home from school) when I hear a cry. I look in the rear-view mirror and see that Matty is holding one of his ear.

Matty: I broke my ear, Mommy. It hurts! Waaaaaaaah!
Me: (I instantly saw him holding a lollipop stick in one hand and panicked.) WHAT DID YOU DO?!!!!
Matty: I broke my ear, Mommy!
Me: Did you put that stick into your ear?
Matty: Yeah!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh
Me: (talking to the husband) Matty stuck something in his ear and he's crying. WHAT DO I DO?! WHAT DO I DO!?!?!
Hubby: Pull over. Check his ears and see if there's blood or anything, then snap a finger beside the ear and see if he can hear it. Call me back after you check.
Me: (trying not to freak out) OK. I'll pull over. Bye.

I jumped out of the car and went in the back to check, but didn't see anything. I started whispering into Matty's ear and snapping my finger. At this point, Matty starts to laugh. I guess he's OK after all. If I wasn't slightly hysterical, I think I'd be laughing at myself too.

I swear these kinds of occurances age me instantly by 5 years. Had I not been First Aid certified, I think something like this would age me by 10 years. You don't believe I have First Aid training? Well, I do. Trust me. The knowledge is back there somewhere.

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