Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Texas, our new home state.

Our journey to Dallas, TX began on Dec. 27th. We planned on leaving at 9am and drive some 450 miles to get us to our first stop in Lebanon, TN. Well, the packing didn't get done the night before because we had so many things to cram into the minivan. Curious George, who sat in the 3rd row only had a little space. He had to crawl above many things stuffed everywhere just to get to his seat. The sad thing is, we didn't get to bring his fish, Punky. We'd told him we would take him but when all was packed, there were tons of things that didn't fit, including Punky. Curious George was sad at first, but he was very mature about it. We told him we'd get him another one and so he was fine. He said he would name the next fish, Punky also. The next day, we packed through the morning and didn't end up leaving NC until it was 11. We arrived in Lebanon, TN exhausted at 11pm.

The next day, we began our 380 mile drive at 9:30 after a complimentary breakfast. We were exhausted from the day before. We arrived in Little Rock, AK around 4pm, which gave us plenty of time to relax and rest.

Little Rock, AK

On the 3rd day, we only had to drive about 300 miles. We got to the hotel at 3pm. It had been nice the entire drive until we arrived in Dallas where it was snowing/raining. When we got to the apartment parking deck, our cargo top didn't fit. So Daddy had to empty it outside into the van, and then carry the cargo top by himself to the apartment. Poor man.

After all the traveling was said and done, here is Daddy and Curious George assembling Lego Police that Santa gave him.

And as usually, the girls could be found in front of the TV. They also immensely enjoyed the Lego Duplo Santa left them.

Eating sandwich while watching TV. (Thing 1 in orange, Thing 2 in red.)

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