Thursday, December 17, 2009

change is not easy

Today is Curious George's last day at his preschool here in NC. He has not been there that long, only since June or July. But considering all the changes he has been through in the last 9 months, he has done exceptionally well. And he will continually face many many more changes in the coming months. I worry about him. It isn't easy making best friends and then leaving them behind to make new ones. But yet, he has been a trooper. While I was gathering his things at school, he paused and said, "Oh yeah, I have to say goodbye." He proceeded to say goodbye to his friends individually as he gave them a hug.

It's only slightly easier that he is social, independent, friendly and he throws himself 100% on everything he encounters. I guess that's why his preschool teacher is a bit emotional about him leaving.

And through this recent change, he has to deal with a grumpy pregnant Mommy. I confess, I am a little short lately and I am pretty sure that I will just get worse as my belly gets bigger and bigger and become harder to move. I also feel sorry for my girls. I pray for patience so that I don't emotionally scar my children too badly when we settle in our new town and in our new life.

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