Thursday, December 31, 2009


We were all exhausted when we arrived at the apartment. The girls slept without a problem and I thought Curious George wouldn't have a problem either, granted he was too excited because of the 2 massive Legos Santa left for him here. At closed to midnight, while I was walking around the upstairs getting ready for bed, I saw out of the corner of my eye someone walking. I got startled since there was no lights on, just night lights. Curious George was heading toward the stairs. I grabbed him and called his name, but he barely glanced at me. So I held him firmly and I said kept saying it was Mommy. Finally, he stopped 'fighting' me. I had him pee and put him right back in bed.

It's the first time he has ever sleep walk, and it was a little scary because we're in a new place and he could have fallen down the stairs. I grabbed one of the wooden baby gates we have (thank goodness to Daddy for taking those with us!) and put it on the top of the stairs. Every night since then, I have to put that up. But there has been no more incident after that. Phew!

Speaking of Lego, we went to one of the malls around here today and went to a Lego store. Daddy promised Curious George a while ago that when he gets a job he would buy him a Power Miner Lego he had been asking for. Of course when we got there, Curious George got busy looking at other stuff.

One woman working at the Lego store greeted us when we walked in, eager to give recommendations I guess. She asked how old Curious George was, but when we told him he is nearly 5, she slowly inched away. I don't know why though. Maybe because she thought she wasn't going to get a big sale because there is not much Lego for 5 years old? How wrong she was. tsk tsk tsk Curious George doesn't have the patience to build a massive one at this time, but he does build them himself by following directions.

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