Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beach vidoes

Here are some beach videos that went with this set of pictures .

This is at the beach house. We rented a beach house that has 2 separate units. This one is where Nana, Papaw and Cousin B stayed, which connects to our unit.

Notice Thing 1 stuffing an Oreo under her armpit. I guess it's a way to mark it as hers. Thing 2, sick with strep, cuddles with Daddy.

Daddy brought body boards for him and Curious George. But the surf wasn't that big until it stormed one day. After the storm passed, we crossed the street to the beach and enjoyed some stronger winds and bigger surf. The waves slammed Daddy on the sand a few times, but he enjoyed the successful ones.

Cousin B introduced Curious George to sand fleas, so he caught a bunch. He enjoyed them immensely. Curious George insisted we take some back with us, but we explained that it's not a pet we could keep because they need ocean water.

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