Friday, May 15, 2009


Curious George and I are at home in VA this weekend for his allergy appointment on Monday. This evening in the car, after our trip to Wal-mart to use our WIC checks, we had a conversation about being a Filipino.

CG: Are there volcanoes in your island?

Me: There are but I have never seen them.

CG: But Daddy said you did.

Me: I've never seen a volcano, Matty.

CG: Are you a Pinopino?

Me: Yes, I'm a Filipino. And so are you and your sisters.

CG: And Daddy, too.

Me: No, not Daddy. Only us.

CG: I'm NOT pinopino!

Me: Yes, you are! Your Mommy is Filipino so that makes you and sisters Filipinos too.

CG: I'm not pinopino. My Dad is not, so I'm NOT!

Oh the interesting conversations we have sometimes.

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