Sunday, May 17, 2009

getting ready to roll

I met with a realtor today (finally) to get the house listed soon. He did his marketing spiel and then we toured the house. Of course he suggested we get rid of the yellow in the entry way. It's a yellow that took time to grow on me, anyway. In fact, it hasn't fully grown on me. He also suggested that we get rid of a lot of furnitures (yay, more work! NOT). I'm not looking forward to that. He also suggested a list price that isn't too flattering, but such is the housing market. The suggested listing price is the same as what we bought it for in 2005, which I guess is not too terrible. But this means we will lose money for the realtor comission and closing cost. Thinking back, I wish we'd used the money to pay off school loans instead of putting it in the house.

Curious George was excellent today. I asked him to either watch TV or play by himself, and he did. I heard a few banging noises somewhere in the house, but nothing is broken, burning or missing, so it's all good. Take note that he didn't have a nap today, so he really has been exceptionally behaved today. And as a reward, I let him get 3 things at the Dollar store. It was getting late, and so I reminded him that he could only play with his toys for a little bit and then it was bedtime. But in the car, I just had to Tweet (yes, I'm a Twitter-holic), which did not make him happy. "Mom, you are waisting your time for me to play!" he scolded.

I almost forgot, this morning out of nowhere he said he wanted dried mangos from his Grandma. He must have been hungry. So we called her. "You know, Grandma, I want dried mangoes now!" Grandma replied, "Ok, I will get some now." Several hours later he comes up to me and asked about the mangoes because Grandma said she would get them "now". I had to explain that It would take days sine she would have to mail the mangoes to us.

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