Friday, November 21, 2008

pink is for girls

One day, Curious George says to me, "Mommy, pink is for girls." Where does he get this stuff? Actually, I know.. it's from preschool. But thankfully, I know he doesn't really mean it.

Several weeks ago, we were in toddler play room with two of his preschool friends. They were each enjoying 3 play motorcycles; 2 with flame stickers, and 1 with flowers. Since Curious George arrived last, he ended up with the flower motorcycle. No biggie. But since he likes the flame stickers, he took one when it was left lying around. Then one of the other boys cried, "I don't want the flowers!" The other mommy and I scramble to our boys and plead to let him have the flame motorcycle. The other boy cried, "No! The flame motorcyle is mine." Fortunately for me, my boy is a man's man. He doesn't care.

Then the pink v smile game CG's grandparents got for him came to mind. Nana asked me if I wanted to take it back to the store to exchange for a blue one. I didn't care. A color is just a color. I don't know whey toy makers make such a distinction anyway. Why does there have to be a pink Little People school bus and a yellow Little People school bus?

My boy is ALL boy, with his obcession on firetrucks, trains, cars and robots. He just doesn't care what color they are. Or maybe it'll change with age? Hmm. I hope not.

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Heather & Chaos said...

I hear ya. My son is a BOY. All boy. And yet he LOVES to play with his sisters pink little people school bus. But then again, if it was yellow, he'd love to play with that. Like you said, a color is a color. And yes, my son also tells me pink is for girls (and yet he still fights with his sisters for that darn pink school bus!!)