Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our Weekend

Matty and the girls enjoyed having their Nana, Papaw and their cousins this weekend. Matty couldn't get enough of his youngest cousin, Connor. It really reminds me of when these three nephews were younger. They couldn't get enough of their Uncle.

Katie seems to warm up to everyone much faster this time. Yay! She's really quite a ham. Jojo was just like her old self; she doesn't mind the attention.

This afternoon, before Matty went for his nap, he asked for a TV in his room. Where the heck does he get these things? Too bad his Daddy and I have long ago decided (even before Matty was just a twinkle in our eyes) that there will not be a TV in the kid's room. Really, I don't even know why he wants a TV there. He only watches the same 2 episodes of Go Diego Go over and over.

Then this evening, the hubby tried to play a trick on me. I was on bath duty with Matty and Daddy was on twins duty (diaper change and PJ). When we switched off (he puts Matty to bed and I nurse the twins), I noticed after a couple of seconds (HA!) that he had switched their PJ's and switched their position in the crib.

I hate to tell you this, sweetpea. But you have to do better than that!

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