Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Castle Bed is Here!

The Castle bed is finally here! It took a frustrating hour and a half to get it assembled (someone wanted to pound on everything with a rubber mallet and fit anything with a dowel to anything with a hole). Matty is very happy, even if the castle post and the hand rail for the ladder is yet to be delivered.
He loves the area underneath. It's perfect for hiding!

And of course, I just have to get a shot in of my lowly little set up on the floor. Ever since we moved Matty to his new room, I have been sleeping everywhere but my cozy king size bed. But I'm sure Daddy is enjoying it enough for the both of us. I spend a total of about 5 hours in the floor in Matty's room, and about an hour in my bed and awake and walking around in between. When I'm about to sink in into that deep sweet sweet slumber is when I usually get waken up with, "Mommy!! Mom! Come here and sleep with me on the floor!"

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