Saturday, January 5, 2008

Big Boy Room

The day Matty went back to school (Jan. 2nd), Daddy and I started cracking on his big boy room. We ordered him a castle bed 4 weeks ago and it's going to be delivered any day now. We donated the bed suite to Salvation Army and now it's empty. Time to paint! (I will put more pictures as we make progress in decorating the room.)

Daddy got this Cars fan that he said MUST go in the room, so this was the first to go up and it's the inspiration for the color.
Here's the empty room after I put tape. Daddy was in the store picking up some painting supplies.
Two hours later, here it is. I put the blue paint (oooh, fancy! an accent wall!) and Daddy took on the gray on the other 3 walls. I must say this is the fastest we've ever tackled a painting project!

Here's what the room looked like yesterday. We took a couple of rest days to run other errands and let the paint dry. We just love the color scheme! Though we need to put another light source because the fan light is just isn't enough.

This is late last night putting the crib up for the girls because they are getting too big for the bassinet. I must say that Daddy showed great restraint with his little "helper", until Matty decided to shred the stryrofoam from the packaging. Then all I heard was "Put that down! I'm going to count! I said put that down NOW!"

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