Thursday, February 18, 2010

the twin posse

The girls are truly enjoying preschool and we are very happy about that. Their teacher is wonderful and would always give me little updates while she and one other buckles the girls in their car seats when I pick them up. Sometimes, the updates aren't so good, but always amusing.

Thing 2 has been put in time-out because she continually put her feet on the table. She continues to stay dry wearing big girl undies!

Thing 1 gets anxious (not sure if this is in a good or bad way) when they wait in the hall for carpool pick up. One day, she was told "No" and as a response, she drooped her shoulders and said, "I'm sad!"

Both girls have started the whole class by saying, "MEMEMEMEME!" when the want to do something. Now poor Mrs. Brazeal needs to curb this behavior from the whole class instead of just 2 little girls. lol

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