Thursday, March 4, 2010

potty training and singing

This is Thing 1 trying to sing the other day. Lately, both she and Thing 2 can be heard singing whatever song they can remember; ABCs, Where is Thumbkin, Twinkle Twinkle.


As far as potty training goes, everything is going well. Thing 2 has it all down pat. She has stayed dry and occasionally stay dry even through the night. She is not to excited about pooping in the toilet though, so she ends up not pooping everyday like she normally have done she's she was born (actually 3-4x a day). So when she does end up pooping, it makes the experience even scarier for her when she feels a little bit constipated.

Thing 1 is also doing well. She stays dry, with rare wet accidents. And the wet accident was at school when they went they played in the playground. She is having problem pooping in the toilet also. For 2 weeks, she does her BM on her undies. Though she knows she's about to, and asks to go potty, she doesn't do it there. Today though, was a milestone. She finally did go. Woo hoo!

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