Wednesday, February 3, 2010

our very own princesses

I bought the girls matching shirts with lace tu-tu-like frilly edges from Disney store (thanks to the Christmas cash from Grandma) because they are starting to love princess things, but they didn't fit. Silly me for thinking size 4 was going to fit my ginormous 2.5 yr old daughters. So we returned them (and good golly, it's not easy to shop at Disney with 2 little girls by yourself!!) and ended up with these 2 dresses. I made them pick, and Thing 1 picked a the Little Mermaid one, and Thing 2 picked Tinker Belle one. I almost made the same mistake and picked up size 4's, but had a moment of clarity before paying and grabbed size 5/6 instead. They are a little big, but this means they should be able to enjoy it for a year....hopefully.

Thing 1 on the left, Thing 2 on the right.
Thing 1 looks like she fills the dress quite nicely, but it's very long and she still does have room.

I think, perhaps, this will still fit for Halloween. :)

Don't ask me why I make them kiss. It's just very cute. :)

On another note, we visited a preschool for them today. It's getting harder for me to do anything when they are all home. And it's getting very hard on me on nights they (one or the other) wake me up 5x in one night and then nobody (namely, Curious George) lets me take a nap! I only have 2 months before Baby #4 makes his arrival and it's not that much time to unpack and get the house in order. I'm quite worried now.

Anyway, we thought the girls would go to the same school Curious George goes to, but that's not the best right now. It will leave us with but $60 to our name every month after all the bills are paid, and that's not including trying to make a dent on debts. So we visited a church preschool instead. It was a lot cheaper and the people were quite nice. I got a good impression, so they may end up there in a week or two for 3 days a week.

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Nana said...

The girls are beautiful little princesses!!! I think they would enjoy preschool!