Thursday, March 12, 2009

Words Words and more Words

Lately the twins have been spouting and pontificating more and more. Just some of the recent shenanigans from them are:

Twin 1 frequently calls her sister "Jo" or "Jojo", but twin 2 has not been prone to calling her sister. Just the other day Twin 2 is on the couch when twin 1 climbs off the couch, and she called out "Kagie, you okay?" This was a first in our hearing.

Both twins will now ask if you are okay, usually followed by a pat on the back and a hug.

Twin 2 will try to have a conversation with you, a very animated head shaking arm shaking conversation. She gets very animated, especially if you start talking back. Of course it is usually not understandable but it is cute.

Twin 1 just today has been saying "Matthew go away" and yes it is VERY clear. When I came home from a job fair she wanted a hug, and when Curious George tried to join in, this is when she said it.

Of course curious George got a little out of control due to excitement and decided to push. As I calmly told him not to push, Twin 1 came running up and shaking her finger at her older brother saying "no no no, no pushing".

It is rather amazing to see them grow and start talking like this. It seems only yesterday they were so tiny..


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Dianna said...

It is amazing how fast they go from little babies to talking, understanding, expressive little people. Sounds like they are doing great!