Sunday, March 8, 2009

at the playground

It is pretty amazing that not 5 days prior, we had 8 inches of snow and now it's 75 degrees! We headed to to park with packed PBJs and allowed the kids to go wiled. This is the twins' first playground experience.

Thing 1 (gray pants) inspects something interesting on the ground, while Curious George and Thing 2 (red pants) follow Daddy.

Curious George shows his "big boy" talents by going up and down the slide by himself. He also found some friends he enjoyed playing with. He kept calling the kid, "boy". "Hey, boy, look at me I can do this!" Daddy had to explain that he must ask the kid's name and call him by his name.

Thing 2 goes under the bridge.

Then the kids enjoyed the swing. And then off for a little hike in the jogging path.

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