Monday, March 2, 2009

the twins' first snow experience

We have about 6-8 inches of snow today so the girls got to experience it for the first time. They almost didn't because they don't have any snow outfits or any other water resistant outfits, but thankfully, I still have Curious George's snow suit from 2 winters ago that he never even got to use.

While Curious George and Daddy were outside, I dressed the girls up one at a time. For shoes, I also found Curious George's rain boots which worked just fine.

Thing 2 was first. The way she just stood on the snow and not know what to do is the cutest thing ever. :-) But as soon as I took her back in, she wailed like she's never wailed before.

After a quick exchange of clothes, it was Thing 1's turn. You can hear Thing 2 throwing a fit in the background. Thing 1's snow experience was a bit shorter than Thing 2 since she's been wheezing lately. The cold makes her wheeze more so we had to be super quick.

I have videos of Curious George and Daddy's attempt to sled, but I will have to post that for tomorrow since it's pretty late. I have an 8am physical therapy appointment tomorrow and I must go to bed. Though more than likely, I may have to cancel. It's going to be super cold and being unstable with a bum knee it's not a good idea to be slippin' and slidin'. We'll shall see.

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Dianna said...

YAY for snow!!!! Hoping to get the boys out in it later today, we got tons yesterday but it was too windy.