Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Twin Test

Okay the wife doesn't see the humor in testing if you can tell the twins apart. By twins, I am referring to our daughters not anything else. So here is the test, above is a set of 3 pictures of just the eyes of our daughters, and yes there is at least one picture of each. So the test is, which pics are of the same twin, i.e. is A & C the same etc. If you are a grandparent I expect you to use names, or else. Please note, you can add a comment below by clicking on "post comment" to give your answer.



mrs.izzy said...

This may be a test of technological literacy as well. We'll have to see if they find the comments section. :-)

By the way, do you have a key to this question?

Myster.H said...

I was just thinking that I needed a key, then I couldn't remember whose picture I put where. Oh well, we can always flip a coin.

Nana Betty said...

A & B eyes belong to Katie

C eyes belong to Jojo

I hope you know which is which.

Nana Betty

Anonymous said...

A & C belong to Katie and B belong to Jordan


Nana Betty said...

I've changed my mind...
A&C are Jojo
B is Katie

Do you know?

Nana Betty

Myster.H said...

I did not say you can change your mind. That takes the fun out of the game.

Izzy showed me the pics and I got 50/50 out of 4 pics only because I didn't trust my first instinct and overthought it.

Of course I know who is who. Did you just change so you and papa are picking different ones?

nana betty said...

No, I didn't choose different ones because of Papa. I have looked at those eyes off and on all day and am convinced my second answer is correct. Although if you will not accept my second answer I still got one right in my first answer.