Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kitchen Floor Time

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Katie and Jojo were having floor time this morning, barricated in the livingroom by the exersaucers, the couch, the chairs, and some pillows. But it didn't take Katie long to realize that she could escape by crawling under the exersaucers. And of course, after having done it once, she knows to keep coming back. We finally just let her explore the kitchen. She's so much faster on the kitchen than on the carpet!

It didn't take long before big brother joined in on the fun of crawling on all fours. He taught her the finer points of crawling by crawling under the table, the chair, the high-chairs. In the meantime, Jojo was all alone in the livingroom. She was content to just play by herself sitting up, until Daddy took her to the kitchen to join in the fun. She was a lot more restrained than Katie. She took in the new surrounding and took her time exploring one thing before moving on to the next.

With all these bodies on the floor, it wasn't long before there were casualties. Big brother slipped and somehow ended up with a busted lip, but the popsicle quieted him instantly. And then there was Katie, who was enjoying holding pulling up, but have yet to work out how to get her legs under her, so she ended up hitting her mouth as well.

It was a "free for all" morning, and I think it went quite well.

By the way, don't be thinking, "My, she's let her self go. Just look at those hairy legs!" Those are not mine. I swear!

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Anne said...

Your post brought back memories...
Sigh... I miss the first year with my twins!!

And btw... they are so adorable!!