Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Katie's first bloody lip

I was spending time with the girls on the floor just having a great time. Katie now pulls up to full standing on her own and she enjoys trying to reach whatever she could get her hands on. Jojo is also pulling up, but she is not a pro at it yet.

Jojo was standing up holding on to the couch, and Katie was standing holding on to a wooden chair. Both their backs were against mine, leaning on me, using me to balance. But shortly after, Katie came tumbling back. I picked her up and saw blood in her mouth. She was crying, my sleeve was covered with blood, Jojo was crying because I had left her. It was insane!

When I finally got Katie's bleeding to stop, I saw that the frenelum (the connective tissue in the middle of the upper front teeth that connects the gum to the upper lip) was torn. I wasn't too terribly worried about it, but I thought I should call the pediatrician anyway. I don't want Katie to end up with a lisp or something worse because of it! The nurse took an hour to call me back and said this had just happened to her 3 year old son and everything should just be fine. I proceeded to describe the length of the cut and that I thought it looked deep. She then asked me if I thought she needed stitches. Um. Yeah, Ok. I'm not a doctor! Instead of answering, I kept on describing the cut. She told me to go ahead and bring Katie in.

The doctor took all of 1 minute to look at Katie's gum and said she'll be alright and sent us home.

Grrrr!! I knew that Katie would be OK, but I wasn't about to ignore a health professional. I just wanted to hear the nurse say "yeah, nothing to worry about". But in the middle of telling me that, she decided to call us in!

Interestingly enough, big brother's first bloody episode was 1 week before his 1st birthday. The twins are going to be a year old in 2 weeks.


Nana Betty said...

Hang in there! You're a great mom!!!

Nana Betty

mrs.izzy said...

Thanks, nana betty!

By the way, I've ordered an enclosed baby gate. :-)