Sunday, December 16, 2007

Merry Christmas!

There were no runny noses and teary eyes this weekend, and certainly not fevers. So we finally made it to Sears and got our pictures taken. Suffice it to say, our Christmas photo card may be a little late, if not right on time. Sorry!

I couldn't have planned the day any better. No one had a tantrum. All three of the kiddies were great. Katie (in green) was just a grinning little princes but Jordan (in red) was a bit reserved. She gave everyone the evil eye every time the flash went off. She has an evil eye that could make a grown man cower, just like her momma. I'm so proud.

After shelling out the children's college fund to pay for the portrait orders, we went to see Santa. Matty and I waited (Daddy took the girls to walk around the mall) in line for almost an hour and I heard not a peep of whinning. When it was his turn, he ran to Santa and told him his wish list - a nice shiny bike/trike with monster tires.

It's a great day!

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