Saturday, December 8, 2007

Finally, Christmas Decorations Are Up!

Since it's already dark by the time we get home from picking Matty up from pre-school, he has had great fun looking at all the Christmas lights on people's homes. One day he said excitedly, "Pretty lights!" but then he realized something and said in a sad voice, "There are no lights in my home, Mommy! No lights in my home."

So finally, here it is. You wouldn't know he was suffering from a 101.1 fever by the way he jumped up and got busy hanging decorations on the tree.

Here is Big Bro putting up decorations on the tree, with the girls as spectators.
Big Bro disappeared and the spectators got bored.

All done! Or as done as it's going to get. Big Bro got distracted by the train ornaments and went off somewhere with them. The twins got bored and started crying. All done indeed.

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