Wednesday, July 22, 2009

potty training twins. how crazy is that?!

Thing 2 on the left, Thing 1 on the right.

My girls will probably never forgive me when they discover that there are pictures on the internet of them sitting on the potty. Oh well. I say it's my right as a mother. You girls will have your turn when you have kids of your own.

These were taken in the middle of June when the potty training journey began. They hated sitting on it! Then I gave them 1 Mike&Ike and they didn't mind anymore. We had success the first time when we took them out and they stayed dry for 4 hours. I took the opportunity to sit them down and had a great success, but not before they shed some tears. Then it was good for a few days and then they absolutely hated it. So the training tapered off. Then stomach bug hit, and it was forgotten. We really need to "get back at it" but it's tiring! *whine* One of these days, we will. Eventually. Probably. You don't see teens walking around in diapers, do you?

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