Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, the memories we're making.

It's hard to believe that we've been living here with Daddy's parents for four months. Four months is a long time, but at the same time we're left to wonder where the time has gone. It's been tough for all of us, but it is also hard not to count our blessings. The kids are enjoying their grandparents and there are a lot of lasting memories being made here everyday. The girls are too young to remember, but Curious George will probably remember some of the excitement. He will probably one day come to me and his Daddy telling us of his dream/memory of living with his Nana and Papaw and about catching frogs. We will tell him that no, it is in fact a memory...and we have this blog to prove it.

Curious George is sweaty after running around in the yard in this hot humid day. We catch a lot of fireflies here (an almost every night ritual).

Curious George shows his sisters the pint size wheel barrow, one he got for being well behaved after spending 5 hours with the grown ups at Home Depot and Lowes).

And teaches them how to use it.

Thing 2 comes up the hill after following Curious George. Thing 1 (wearing Curious George's Speed Racer shirt) doesn't follow too far down (she's too tired from vomiting for 3 hours the night before).

The kids help Daddy unload Papaw's truck.

It's all about team work.

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