Saturday, April 18, 2009

getting adjusted is a slow process

We have now been living with the hubby's parents for exactly a month tomorrow. I've gone back and forth several times to do some cleaning in our house, Curious George has been back once and Daddy and the girls have not been back at all.

The girls, being young, took only a several days to adjust. I think bringing their cribs helped a whole lot. Though they have been moody while I'm gone. I think that at their age as long as Mommy and Daddy are there, they do fine.

Curious George is a different matter altogether. The first week, he was overtired and over stimulated all the time and he was moody because of it. We've kept up with his nap but he still couldn't get adjusted. Finally after a week, it seems we've found the balance of rest and stimulation only to find out a couple of days later that it wasn't the case. He is always 'engaged'.

Last week he started part-time preschool (MWF half days). It gets him back to organized activity but so far it hasn't settled him down. Last week I had to take him back home to attend one of his best friend's party and while home the change in him was instant. He viewed it as a down-time immediately. He played, watched movies and ran errands with me and rested.

He is still tired and now having trouble napping. He is clearly tired at times but still unable to sleep. Because of this, he has been more than a handful since we've been here. Daddy and I don't normally see him this difficult at home unless he hasn't had enough sleep for several days in a row. And I am afraid people are beginning to think he is always a difficult child. He definitely keeps Daddy and I on our toes and keeps us engaged, but he is not this difficult all thr time. He is pretty happy being with his grandparents and able to interact with cousins, he just can't fully rest. His mind is constantly going one hundred miles an hour.

Daddy is still having difficulty finding a job. I am starting to worry how Curious George would fair here and whenever and wherever it is we would be when Daddy finds a new job.

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Jen said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. Poor CG! Don't worry, he will adjust. Do you think he just misses seeing all your family's things? It took a while for our new house to feel like home to all of us, and we had our own furniture and stuff. Even for me, I was homesick and sort of adrift for several months. The kids adjusted quicker than I did but it did take a while.

You know he's not a difficult kid, and hopefully everyone else who encounters him can show him some compassion and understand that he's going through a lot of adjustments right now.