Thursday, April 23, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

The kids were able to participate in 2 Easter Egg hunts; at their grandparents' church and at Curious George's new school.

Thing 2 finds eggs with the help of a lovely young lady.

Thing 1 drops one of her egg while picking up another! Thankfully the boy handed it back to her.

Curious George was Mr. Speedy Gonzalez and was zipping through the grass gathering eggs.

Thing 1 looks for some more.

Time to count the eggs!

Thing 1 realizes that the eggs open and inspects what's inside. Nothing!?

Curious George wins a blue bunny rabbit for coming in 2nd for the most eggs. Notice his 'boy' construction basket.

Note Curious George's very very short hair. He was using a pair of child's scissors cutting up paper by himself when he calls out to me. "Mommy, I cut my hair!" I see him holding a few strands of hair and thought, phew. That's nothing. I wander through the dining room where he was doing his cutting and notice tons of hair on the floor. Oh my! I check to see his head and right on the top is an almost bald spot! Daddy 'tries' to fix it without a razor and let's just say that after 10 minutes, he had to rush to Walmart and get a clipper.

This is Thing 2 hunting for eggs at Curious George's new school.

Thing 1 hunts for eggs with Mommy while Curious George hunts by himself!

After being off school for a month, Curious George had too much energy and not much to do. While here at their Nana's and Papaw's house, Daddy and I have decided he needed to get back to school. We found a great pre-school by a local Baptist church that Curious George now attends 3 days a week for 3 1/2 hours. It's very different from his old school, but at least he is learning and having social time with new friends.


Dianna said...

Oh my gosh the girls look adorable in their dresses and with their pigtails!!

Courtney said...

We went to 3 egg hunts and only got a total of 1 egg. Then we had a twin club one... since I was in charge I told everyone they could get no more than 12 until told. EVERYONE got eggs that time!

Cute pics! I like the buzz cut... Zane got the same one a few weeks ago. lol

MyCuteBabyName said...

Aww very cute kids!! You are really special that God has gifted you with them.

While most of the people on earth, dont realize they are blessed, I mean they do not see it being so much special.

Take good care of yourself and your family.