Monday, February 2, 2009

getting bigger right under our noses

How this boy grew bigger in the last month or so without us knowing, we don't exactly know. One of his friends' mom commented to me how he has gotten so much taller. My response? A blank stare. I truly have not noticed, until she said it. After that I started noticing that the shirts that used to be so big on him, are now shorter. And the 4T pants I bought him in the fall? Well, let's just say we can now explain the "plumber's crack" phenomenon. The next opportunity, I bought a 5T pants. But though it's plenty long, it was a little snug. I remember buying an XS youth pants a while ago, and dug that up. Sho' nuff', it fits. Oh, and this shirt is XS youth also.

My baby isn't a baby anymore. *snif* *snif*

Playing at school before going heading out. As if he didn't get enough play time during the day!

This pants is about 5 inches too long, but I'm sure he'll hit another growth spurt by the summer. Other than the length, it fits.

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