Tuesday, December 23, 2008

you know what they say about big feet

Last weekend while at the mall, Daddy and I decided that it's about time to get Curious George a new pair of shoes. While there, we decided to get the girls measured. Surprise, surprise, everyone's feet has gotten so long! I think Daddy thinks it abuse that the the kids (the girls especially) are using 3 half sizes too small.

Stride Rite didn't have a matching pair for the girls, so they had to order one from another store and it arrived today. So here they are modeling their new shoes. Why naked you ask? Well, the girls were wearing a full sleeper with feet, so I had to unzip them and then Thing 2 just had to take her clothes all off an Thing 1 followed suit, and then Curious George just had to join in on the fun.

"All aboard! Choo-chooo" - says Curious George

Curious George's feet went from 10 to size 11. He loved this shoe because it had his favorite color, orange.

Thing 1's feet grew from size 5W to between 6 - 6.5 regular. This shoe is size 6.5.

Thing 2 went from 5 to a full 6.5. Her feet is slightly longer than Thing 1, but much skinnier.

The girls' shoes look so much bigger to me that I'm worried it might trip them. I wanted to go to size 6, but the salesperson said if we get size 6, they may only get a month to a month and a half out of them. We wouldn't want that!

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