Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa came to our house!

We visited Santa last week, but we didn't put the girls in Santa's lap. I knew Thing 1 wouldn't like it, so why try. But we did let them walk around so they could see Santa. According to their Daddy, they pretty much ignored him.

Curious George was beside himself seeing Santa and telling him he wanted, "a green jeep with a shovel".

It would have been great to have the 3 stoogies for a photo together, but it's a pretty tough job to get them standing still. (Thing 2 is being 'loved' by Curious George.)

Thing 2 models her Christmas dress.
(Special thanks to a nice grandma from Nana's & Papaw's church, whose twin grand daughters have outgrown the adorable dresses.)

Thing 1 (left), Thing 2 (right)

This is truly my fault. Thing 1 was wondering off away from everyone, and since I couldn't possibly catch her by hobbling, I asked Curious George to do it.

And again, Thing 1 wonders away with her beautiful purses. This time, it's Nana that corrals her back.

Curious George waits patiently for everyone so we could get home. Right after Santa left to feed the reindeer, Santa called me on my cell phone. Santa told me that since we were not going to be at home for Christmas, he made an early stop at our house and dropped off 2 big packages. The face on this boy was priceless!

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Dianna said...

I love the girls outfits. Beautiful!!