Friday, April 25, 2008

Twins Mobility Check

Katie is still crawling with her torso down. She experiments with lifting her butt off the floor and pushes forward, but she reverts back to the military-type crawl. But she is very very fast! I put her down on the livingroom floor, and turn around to grab a diaper and she's already 3 feet away! She pulls up when we reach for her and when I set her hands on something firm. But she doesn't do it on her own yet. She doesn't step forward on her own when we hold her up by her hands.

Jojo still moves in a circle, but hasn't yet started moving forward. We've coaxed her but she is just not motivated enough to want to do it. But she does scoot when she's sitting down. I don't quite know how she does it, but I could be sitting right in front of her and still don't know how she moves 2 feet from where I set her down. She tried to pull up using the exersaucer one day, but the thing is highly unstable so she never tried again. She pulls up to standing position when we reach for her and she takes steps when we hold on to her. If we hold her by her hands, she takes steps on her own. She gets her legs crossed sometimes though. I had her holding on to the side of the crib one day, and she managed to move sideways. She is experimenting on cruising, but she eventually falls down because she steps over her other leg.

I have pictures to post, but not on the computer I am using at the moment. And I'm too lazy to change computers.

Both Katie and Jojo have a cold and their noses are dripping like a faucet. Katie has taken to refusing the breast for this reason. I had to pump one night and just gave her breastmilk through a bottle.

Matty's skin is suffering form little itchy bumps, no doubt caused by pollen. Thankfully, he's been on allergy medication for a couple of weeks now, so at least he's not itching as bad and not sneezing like he usually does this time of year.

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