Thursday, April 10, 2008

Katie Crawls and Jojo Scoots

Katie has started to crawl. She is doing a military-type crawl. All I had to do was entice her with a few toys and off she crawls. I thought it may take her a few days to do it regularly, but I was wrong. The minute I put her down on the floor sitting up, she leans forward as close to the floor as she can and then stretches her legs and off she goes.

Jojo still goes around and around and only accassionally experiments with moving forward. It seems she prefer to do the butt-shuffling instead of crawling. I've seen her bounce around in time to a music, but apparently that's how she moves forward too.

I am in such big trouble! I put them both down on the floor yesterday in order to fix Matty something to eat, and when I checked on the girls 10 minutes later, they were far from where I orginally set them up.

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