Saturday, January 9, 2010

mall play area fun

Yesterday Daddy was greeted by 4 people crying when he came home from work. In the last hour, the kids have decided to go crazy on me and I couldn't quiet them down, or calm them down and I have had it when Thing 2, after bouncing nonstop on the couch, bounced off and hit her head on the coffee table before falling to the floor. I made sure she was OK, sat on the chair with her and picked up a flip flop and started hitting the coffee table about 5 times like a mad woman. For an instant, the 3 hellions quieted down and stared at me. Then Thing 2 continued crying. Thing 1 started crying because I was mad, and Curious George started crying because I was crying. It was a mad house. There was nothing more I wanted to do then run out of there. That was the scene Daddy walked into.

A week of being indoors was not good for these kids, or me. It's been too cold to go out.

So today, we headed out. Thank goodness Daddy didn't have to work today. So we took the kids to the mall and let them play in the play area.

Thing 1 is enjoying the firetruck slide, but spacing out at the moment.

Thing 2 found Marvin the Martian. :)

Curious George loved this one, too.

Thing 1 found a big girl to talk to and was enamored for a moment.

Curious George found a friend (a soon to be 4 year old that's almost as tall as him). So they pretty much ran around together.

Thing 2 (foreground) steps on the flower chairs on the floor.

They loved everything. They do their own thing but they look for each other and invite each other to play the same thing every so often.

Note my attempt to keep the girls different, yet the same. :p Thing 2 has 2 french braids, and Thing 1 only has rubber bands. Well, actually I wasn't trying to make them somewhat different. I just got finger cramps after braiding Thing 2's hair.

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Nana said...

I'm glad all of you were able to get out of the apartment for awhile. That play area really looks like a great place for kids. Great for Moms also!