Monday, September 7, 2009

hubby's family reunion

My mother-in-law's family has an annual reunion near Cherokee, NC. This is the first time we've made it.

The kids and I bring 'color' to this family. :)
We enjoyed seeing some of the family members again, and some for the first time, though we were told that there were a lot of family members who didn't make it this year.

I anticipated that there may not be a lot for the kids to do, so Daddy and I packed the DVD player and blankets. Good thing too. It provided the kids with some rest and probably averted some meltdowns.

Curious George was pretty good. Though it helps that one of his cousins came with us.

By late afternoon, the twins had it. Thankfully, we found a recliner that happened to be in the kitchen. A few furious rocks adn the girls fell asleep. This show was after Thing 2 had already woken up and gone to find her Daddy.

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Dianna said...

That is great you guys made the family reunion!