Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Down, But Not Out.

Runny nose, cough, fever, irritability and possible ear infection sent the twins to the doctor today. Little Miss Katie, you have the worst of it. Your fever was 101.4 at the doctor's office. The doctor was great and wanted to be on the cautious side. He had your blood oxygen measured but the machine didn't cooperate. You were a trooper though! You hardly made a sound when the nurses were fiddling with your toe, then your finger, then your ear, then your foot. They finally just gave up and said you're nice and pink! But you do have bronchiolitis, could be due to RSV. Thank goodness you have had RSV shots.

Katie fell asleep while on the nebulizer.

Jojo, fell asleep in her carseat while sissy was on the nebulizer.
Little Jo, you have a runny nose and maybe an ear infection but the doctor said you don't need anything. But mommy has to watch out because you probably have RSV, too, just not as far along as sissy.
You girls will age mommy! But that's alright, it's my job to worry about you and your Big Bro.

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